Urban Performance

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What was done?
  • ui/ux design
  • front-end
  • back-end
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Urban Performance

01 About

Urban Performance is a spin-off brand of Aramis. The functional and performative menswear label is inspired by sports and its main means of relationship and retail is digital.

02 Project

The goal was to develop an online service and sales platform for its physical stores, ensuring objective and direct communication between the consumer and UP products, and also making it possible to find products that were not physically available in the stores.

The creation of a self-service totem would unite the physical store with the online stock, making it possible to serve even the most demanding customer.

03 What we did

We studied the UP brand and its visual identity.
The Visie and Aramis teams were involved in the process, allowing us to conceptualize the project and its target audience.

We took great care to ensure usability was fundamental to this project, considering every interaction between the user and the totem. Once the layouts were approved, we faithfully completed the UI development. Testing and QA were conducted rigorously to ensure the best user experience.

The back-end was integrated with the VTEX environment and installed on the physical platform with great attention. The delivery was successful!

Project Collaborators

  • Ivan Henrique

    Ivan Henrique

    Fullstack Dev

  • Marcos Gonçalves

    Marcos Gonçalves

    Project Manager / Fullstack Dev

  • Julia Brazolim

    Julia Brazolim

    Designer UX/UI

  • Luiz Gustavo

    Luiz Gustavo

    Frontend Dev

  • Lucas Petrucci

    Lucas Petrucci

    Aramis Project Manager

  • Paulo Diniz

    Paulo Diniz

    Frontend Dev


  • Lucas Petrucci

    Lucas Petrucci

    Project Manager

    “We had a new demand, different, challenging and with no similar references in the market. Even so, team Visie embraced the idea and helped us build an incredible project of Infinity Display. They are moved by challenges, the more “impossible” it seems to deliver the more they get motivated and they end up building something extraordinary. I’m very grateful for the whole team Visie.”

    Everyone is top notch!

    Lucas Petrucci

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