Consulado da Mulher

Who was it made for?

Whirlpool BR - Consul

What was done?
  • ui/ux design
  • front-end
  • back-end

01 About

The Consulado da Mulher Institute is a social action of the Consul brand, which works on social transformation by encouraging female entrepreneurship.

02 Project

Update the Institute’s digital identity with the aim of supporting women through professional knowledge, using a more empathetic and intuitive journey, to facilitate the use of lay people with little access to technology.

03 What we’ve made

UI/UX Design: We studied the case of the female consulate as an application of its outdated look. The process involved Visie and Consulado to understand the project concept and target audience. Reference studies, brainstorming, creation and refinement of layouts were carried out.

Front-End: After approval of the new visual identity and its application, they were developed to be coded with the rigor of what was documented in the design, but with freedom for the front to make relevant improvements and adjustments for the best user experience.

Back-End: Using a spiral development model, the backend of the new portal was developed, as well as a blog structure and personalized posts, namely: Books, Events, Suppliers, Regulations and Programs.
The project also has an area of ​​transparency of financial statements and the impact of the Consulate over the years of operation in Brazil.


  • Ângela Lothammer

    Ângela Lothammer

    HR & Communications of Consulate Institute of Women

    “Being served by Visie’s team is great! Dedication, technical competence, their timing for planning and execution are what makes a difference in all projects.”  

    Ângela Lothammer

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