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Alpha-Bet Preschool

What was done?
  • ui/ux design
  • front-end
  • back-end
Alpha-bet Preschool

01 About

Alpha-Bet Preschool is a cooperative hybrid model. The school is owned and operated by the parents and staff who have experience in early childhood development.

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Cooperative Preschool website was revamped to an engaging platform that showcases content about children’s routines and teaching models. This transformation included a modern, creative design and the addition of a gallery space, with an enjoyable way to witness the development of children’s skills.

03 What we did

Design UI/UX: We studied the Alphabet Preschool as well the application of their visual identity. The process involved both teams, Visie and Product Owner, in order to understand the concept of the project and their target. A study of references, brainstorming, creation and refinement of the layouts were done.

Front-End: After the approval of each layout, development following what was documented on the design, but with flexibility to make improvements and adaptations in order to promote a better experience for the user. The quality assurance of P.O was fundamentally important during this stage. 

Back-End: With the environment prepared along with the front-end, the existing pages on the old website were developed for the new platform. Another area that deserved our full attention was the creation of the Photo Gallery, a place where photos of the activities carried out and the development of the skills that each of these activities work on are shown.
Another important point was the 360º photo gallery for the Schedule a Tour Section.

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Project Collaborators

  • Carolina Conrad

    Carolina Conrad

    Product Owner

  • Sofia Freire

    Sofia Freire

    Designer UX/UI

  • Myrelli Rodrigues

    Myrelli Rodrigues

    Designer UX/UI

  • Julia Brazolim

    Julia Brazolim

    Designer UX/UI

  • Guilherme Bautista

    Guilherme Bautista

    Backend Dev

  • Marcos Gonçalves

    Marcos Gonçalves

    Project Manager / Fullstack Dev

  • Paulo Diniz

    Paulo Diniz

    Frontend Dev

  • Mateus Fratini

    Mateus Fratini

    Frontend Dev


  • Jessica



    1. Our website was difficult to navigate and seemed outdated and less appealing compared to others.
    2. I am not very tech savvy and therefore updating the website myself was challenging let alone creating easy on the eyes content.
    3. Visie has been phenomenal to work with, their team is outstanding and absolutely eager to get started on our project. The fine details added to our new website are gorgeous and it’s definitely something that I would not have thought of myself.
    4. After the first meeting with the team I knew they would deliver a great website!
    5. Navigation on our website is easy and appealing to the eye. The gallery is the cutest little feature.
    6. I really love how clear our mission has been brought to life on our new website.

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